How to Get DocuFreezer for FREE?


DocuFreezer is the software that will not allow your documents to be amended. Regardless of the platform – whether it’s Windows, Mac, etc. it will display the original look of your documents as if they were “frozen” to look perfect.

The software supports the following formats for output conversion: PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG. The choice of the output format will only depend on your own preferences. Documents of practically any origin can thus become more platform independent.

This is very helpful if you need to archive the documents and may want to open them several years after they’ve been created. Normally, computer programs undergo external and internal changes, so chances are that you will not be able to open the document in its original version. The wisest solution is to make the documents platform independent converting them to more universally accepted formats.

PDF is the most widely used format for archival purposes. Documents converted to PDF with DocuFreezer are searchable PDF files with all types of links and layouts displayed exactly the same as they were in their original versions.

It’s also helpful to convert your documents and presentations to the PDF or JPG formats before uploading them to the websites. These formats make the documents look the same on any devices and Internet browsers.

DocuFreezer offers a user-friendly interface: just drag-and-drop your files to DocuFreezer and select PDF as the output file format. Click “Start” and receive the files saved in the format of your choice.

Using a scanner is not always an efficient solution. In case you need a high quality PDF file, DocuFreezer will offer you a better solution – the quality of the output PDF files will be much higher.

DocuFreezer can process any number of documents at the same time. Instead of wasting your time on one-by-one document conversion, try the software to evaluate its efficiency.

Today I am happy to offer you the commercial version of DocuFreezer free of charge!

All you need to do to get it is to write a short review of the program on your blog and to send us a link to the review. Make sure to include the link to our website into your article:

The article does not have to be long – 5 or more sentences describing your experience in using the software, and within one business day we will give you the access to the commercial software version free of charge. Contact our support services for further details.

With best regards, Mikhael Bolgov

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