Create images out of documents to be uploaded to the website

Websites contain a lot of graphics, but sometimes it’s of importance to upload documentation as well. The documentation may contain reviews, feedback, technical documentation, etc. that is better to present as close to the original as possible.

Documents in their original versions are not always appropriate for the web – the contents will not be displayed properly, so a good alternative is to save them in the formats that are more appropriate for such purposes.

The formats of preference may be JPG or PNG, and although JPG is more widely known, PNG is very efficient, offers effective compression algorithms and can be used alongside with JPG for uploading documents to the website.

DocuFreezer can save the documents as PNG or JPG files thus creating images out of documents. The quality of the image file will be appropriate for the website; the file size will be small enough, and the accuracy in document representation will be pretty high.

2JPEG can convert to JPG PDF documents and almost any image files like TIFF, PNG, Bitmap, GIF, Camera Photo Raw and 260 more input formats. 2JPEG provides full control over the output image size, JPG file compression ratio and destination folder path from the command line interface.