Making Word and Excel documents device independent

Microsoft Office Word is probably the simplest application. This is what the beginners start with when learn to use the computer. It is easy to use and reliable. If offers document processing solutions and can offer a hint when something remains unclear.

Word does not really have any serious compatibility issues except cases when you need to open a large Word document on a portable device. What is likely to happen in this case is that the table of contents will not be accurate, and instead of reading an e-book you may see a mess on your screen.

For making Word documents more appropriate for any device, convert Word to PDF with DocuFreezer. PDF makes a digital copy of the word document saving all the contents and protecting the document from any changes. PDF has been created as a device-independent format ensuring its protection from any amendments.

DocuFreezer can do even more than that: apart from converting Word to PDF you can convert Excel to PDF saving any calculations, diagrams, charts, and tables to be displayed and analyzed anytime anywhere.

DocuFreezer has been created specifically for protecting your documents from any types of amendments and for saving your documents to be displayed on any computer many years ahead.