Batch Convert Word to PDF with DocuFreezer 1.3!

DocuFreezer is the software for batch converting different types of documents. Equipped with quite a simple interface, the software offers lots of document conversion algorithms including but not limited to: Microsoft Word to PDF, Word to JPG, PDF to JPG, PDF to TIFF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF.

The updated version of DocuFreezer contains improved algorithms for plain text and Microsoft Word DOCX files processing. Another functionality improvement is added support for Microsoft PowerPoint PPS and PPSX files.

Mikhael Bolgov, Vice President of fCoder SIA says:

“The idea of the DocuFreezer was born as a result of several unsuccessful attempts to increase usability of Universal Document Converter.

Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer. It means that if the user needs to convert a document to PDF or an image file, he should open and print this document on the printer named “Universal Document Converter”.

The idea of virtual printing is great, because users can convert any printable files to PDF or to image files. Virtual printing software always receives standard data stream from Microsoft Windows printing system. And then it can save this stream as a PDF or an image file without parsing the source document files.

Unfortunately, most of our users never read the program description and never watch an introduction video we have made. They just install Universal Document Converter, try to find its desktop icon, but fail to do so, because Universal Document Converter is installed as a printer!

DocuFreezer in this respect looks more “normal” having the desktop icon and the main window that an average computer user expects to see and to use without any extra help. Additionally, DocuFreezer can convert a list of different documents automatically. And it is really a timesaver if a customer needs to convert many documents in a row.

DocuFreezer has the same requirements as Universal Document Converter: customer should have the software that can open a source document. For example, Microsoft Word starting from version 2007 is required in case a customer needs to convert a list of text documents to PDF.

We plan to develop further versions of DocuFreezer in two directions. First is extending the list of source file formats. For example, we plan to add the ability to convert OpenOffice documents to PDF and image files.

Another direction is adding document processing features, like placing watermarks on created PDFs and image files. Ability to combine all source documents to a single multipage PDF file is also required by our customers and should be released in future.”

Availability of DocuFreezer Software

Free version of DocuFreezer is available for evaluation and private usage and can be downloaded from:

Single user license of DocuFreezer for commercial usage costs $49 US and can be ordered at:

Volume discount appears for ordering 5 or more licenses. Site license for unlimited usage in all offices of the corporation is also available and costs $2,450 US.