Convert Outlook Messages to PDF using DocuFreezer 1.5!

To convert documents and images into the file formats that are more endurable and less subject to changes is the main goal of DocuFreezer software. The latest program version 1.5 has been released by fCoder SIA.

There are very few file formats that last forever. With numerous updates in operating systems the structure of files also changes, which may result in difficulties with attempts to display them. Software and hardware set new requirements to software applications; with new devices appearing in the market this or that file that contains useful information may fail to be displayed.

DocuFreezer has been developed to address these issues appropriately. Among the file formats that the software supports for output conversion are PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. These file formats are more device independent and can carefully save valuable information so that it could be displayed anywhere even years ahead.

DocuFreezer deals with a wide variety of formats – common and not so common ones. The latest version of DocuFreezer can process Microsoft Outlook MSG files with attachments and is equipped with an improved component for converting Microsoft Word documents to PDF format and to image files.

Among other improvements in DocuFreezer 1.5 are:

  • Added support for WordPerfect WPD format to convert it to PDF;
  • Updated Outlook MSG to PDF conversion module;
  • Updated Adobe PDF to PDF/A conversion module;
  • Fixed issues that occasionally appeared while converting Word, Excel and OpenOffice documents to PDF;
  • Fixed issues that occasionally appeared while converting Word documents to JPG.

DocuFreezer has an intuitive interface that does not require any special skills. Thus, can be used by anyone. To convert the files the user just needs to add them to the list and click “Start”. Depending on the user preference, the files will be immediately converted either individually or in batch mode into the selected output formats.

DocuFreezer Availability and Pricing

DocuFreezer is available for testing and evaluation at:

The price of the commercial license is $49. One can purchase the license at:

There exist special licensing options for corporate customers. Site license can be purchased for $2,450 and can be ordered at: