Convert XPS to PDF and HTML to PDF in Bulk with DocuFreezer 1.1!

fCoder has released an updated version of DocuFreezer. This software allows users to convert XPS and HTML documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF, and PNG formats with minimal effort.

DocuFreezer is the software that has been developed specifically for document conversion. Texts, electronic tables, presentations, PDF files, XPS and HTML files can be converted to any of the following formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG.

Using DocuFreezer is as easy as pie. Document conversion will take place with only a couple of clicks: select the files you wish to convert, add them to the list, and click “Start”.

DocuFreezer vs Online Services

Practically everything nowadays can be converted online: resources of different types will offer you conversion of videos, sound, images, documents, and whatnot. Converting one or two files online is definitely advantageous, but not so if there are plenty of those. Besides, there still exists the commercial aspect of online resources: they have to place banners and other advertising materials onto the websites thus distracting the users or just offering additional services of questionable contents.

DocuFreezer is the software free of any side advertisements; plus, it can convert hundreds of documents in one session!

DocuFreezer vs Virtual Printers

Another popular document conversion means is virtual printing technology. Virtual printing implies the installation of special software that is reflected as a separate printer installed on your computer. Instead of physically printing the documents on paper the virtual printer will convert the documents into the formats widely used for archival purposes.

Still, a virtual printer cannot deal with more than one document at once, unless additional software applications for batch conversion are installed. Besides, each time there is a necessity to physically print the documents on paper, default printer parameters will have to be changed.

DocuFreezer will be installed onto the computer as regular software. Thus, confusion whether or not the default printer parameters will have to be changed will be avoided.

Licensing and availability

DocuFreezer software is available to download at:

For those who intend to use the program for business needs, it is available for $49.00. Discounts are provided for purchasing 5 or more licenses. Learn more at