Convert Documents to PDF

Drag-and-drop your documents to DocuFreezer to convert them to PDF – that’s all you should do! Only a couple of clicks, and you will get the resulting file. This process literally takes seconds!

PDF is known to be one of the most reliable solutions for saving original look of document files. Apart from carefully saving the look of the document, it will be able to correctly display it anywhere and anytime, even years ahead.

This is the nature of PDF. While the structure of other formats may be amended from time to time, PDF aims to make the look of the documents universal for any side applications. Your software and hardware may be updated, but PDF will ensure the display of the documents’ original look.

PDF files are used in the web to create interactive forms to be filled in: all types of online applications to be submitted to official institutions are usually PDF files, and PDF guarantees the accuracy of the information it contains.

With DocuFreezer conversion of documents to PDF is very easy. Among the documents the software can handle are PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets, and Word documents.

Word, Excel or PowerPoint are well known formats. Still, compatibility problems come out when one shares the files with someone who may use a different platform or the software that does not support the original look of the documents. To make sure the recipient will really see what you send, convert the documents to PDF with DocuFreezer.

DocuFreezer never makes any amendments to the documents. Vice versa, it will keep their original look.