Convert documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG using DocuFreezer!

fCoder has announced the release of DocuFreezer – new software product for converting office documents to the PDF format or image files. DocuFreezer can convert plain text files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF and XPS files and its trial version is available for download.

Microsoft Office documents may look differently if you open them with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 8, Mac OS, and gadgets. Users of DocuFreezer will benefit from numerous conversion options – the software will convert documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG formats “freezing” the look of the original documents and protecting them from any amendments. No matter which device the document will be displayed on, it will look exactly the same!

In case you need to archive documents, you should be able to open them several years after and likely on a new computer. This will be possible if you convert documents to PDF before uploading them on the backup storage.

Before publishing documents and presentations on the website, convert them all to PDF or JPG – these formats are standard for data publishing and looks the same on any devices and Internet browsers. Drag and drop your files to DocuFreezer, select PDF as the output file format and click Start. DocuFreezer will convert any number of text documents, presentations and spreadsheets to PDF automatically!

DocuFreezer will release you from printing documents on paper and then scanning them to take a digital copy. The quality of output PDF or an image file will be significantly higher than the ones scanned!

In fact, all the programs, such as Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio (versions of 2007 or later), make it possible to export documents to the PDF format without the necessity to install any side applications. This is pretty convenient, especially when dealing with just a few documents. Still, when there are dozens of them to be converted, the task becomes pretty tedious: you will need to handle each document individually opening it, saving it as a PDF file, close the document, open the next one, etc.

DocuFreezer is developed specifically for processing a large number of documents that need to be converted to other formats. Try the software and see how much of your time will be saved!

DocuFreezer is free for download for evaluation. It can be downloaded from:

The cost of the commercial version of the product is $49. Customers, who purchase 5 or more licenses, can get a volume discount.