Spend Less Time on File Conversion!

DocuFreezer is a software for converting documents to PDF (.pdf) , JPG (.jpg, .jpeg), TIFF (.tiff, .tif), PNG (.png) or XPS (.xps) formats in batch mode. Now you don’t need to open each file and export it to the desired format. Instead, just drag-and-drop your files onto DocuFreezer main window and click “Start”.

Batch convert multiple files in three easy steps

Supported Formats

DocuFreezer allows you to convert a variety of file types in batch mode.

Input filetypes

  • Microsoft Word documents .doc .docx
  • Microsoft Excel worksheets .xls .xlsx .csv
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations .ppt .pptx
  • Microsoft XPS files .xps .oxps
  • Adobe PDF and PDF Portfolio files .pdf
  • Autodesk AutoCAD and other CAD files .dwg .dxf
  • Plain text files .txt
  • Rich text files .rtf
  • Outlook e-mail files .eml .msg
  • And more!

Output filetypes

  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • TXT (Plain text)
  • JPG (JPEG image)
  • PNG (Portable Graphics Format)
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

See full list of supported formats

Convert e-mail attachments with DocuFreezer

Converting File Attachments

In the Settings, you can specify how DocuFreezer should handle PDF attachments and e-mails in EML or MSG file format:

IgnoreSkip attachment(s) and convert only the body of the document
SeparateConvert each attachment and the body of the document separately
CombineConvert both the body of the document and its attachment together

Managing File Lists

If you usually convert the same files on a daily or weekly basis, file lists may come in handy. Just add your files to the program's list, arrange them in the right order and click Save list. DocuFreezer will create a separate file — File list (*.flist) which can be used over and over again by clicking the Load list button. You can import, export, clear lists and remove items from the lists.

Save & load lists of files to convert them in bulk

Download DocuFreezer

Download DocuFreezer to automate your file conversion.
DocuFreezer is free for non-commercial purposes!

Download Free Version

Multipage Options: Merge, Combine & Split Options for PDF and TIFF

DocuFreezer can merge various files into PDF or TIFF as well as split and combine PDF or TIFF documents and add new pages to existing documents. You can also set the name for output files via Combine file option. Conversion of multi-page TIFF to PDF and vice versa is also possible. All in batch mode!

As in original file (by default)Convert files added the list to separate files in selected file format, without splitting or merging them
Split into single pages*Convert multi-page files added to the list to single-page files in selected file format
Merge into one PDF*Combine all files added to the list and convert them to a single multi-page PDF or TIFF

* The same works for PDF and TIFF format

Recognize Text Using OCR

DocuFreezer can OCR files (render using Optical Recognition Technology) and create plain text or PDF files out of them. The output files will have recognized text, which can be copied, edited and used somewhere else. Using OCR, you can export your scans, documents, images or CAD drawings into:

  • Plain TEXT files .txt
  • Searchable PDF .pdf
Use OCR to recognize text from scans and images
Convert RAR, ZIP, and 7-ZIP archives with DocuFreezer

Convert files in RAR, ZIP, and 7-ZIP archives

You don't need to extract files your files in compressed by WinRAR (.rar), WinZip (.zip), 7-ZIP (.7z) or another archiving software before adding them to DocuFreezer list. Simply add an entire archive to the list and click Start.

Advanced File Conversion Settings

Some advanced settings can be modified in the program's Ini File Editor. To edit it, open DocuFreezer main window and press Ctrl + Alt + I on your keyboard. Each line has a variable value which can be changed. If you are not sure about a specific setting, please contact us!

Take advantage of DocuFreezer advanced conversion settings

Download DocuFreezer

Download DocuFreezer to automate your file conversion.
DocuFreezer is free for non-commercial purposes!

Download Free Version