How to Get DocuFreezer for FREE?

What you need to do is to write a short essay about DocuFreezer on your own blog and send us a link to the publication!

How to Convert HTML to PDF?

One of the popular file formats where HTML can be converted is PDF. PDF is the format for storing documents when it’s important to preserve their contents untouched. The webpage converted to PDF will create an electronic document that can be displayed everywhere demonstrating the contents of a webpage exactly the same as they look originally.

Convert XPS to PDF for Free!

Conversion of XPS to PDF will only take a few seconds: select the files to convert, add them to DocuFreezer and click Start!

How to Convert PDF to JPG for Free?

DocuFreezer can convert any number of PDF to JPG in one session. DocuFreezer have simple and useful interface and adds not any virtual printers on your computer.

Convert Word to PDF

DocuFreezer offers automatic conversion of Word documents to PDF. Add all the documents to be converted to the list, select the output folder and click Start!

Convert Documents to PDF

Drag-and-drop your documents to DocuFreezer to convert them to PDF – that’s all you should do! Only a couple of clicks, and you will get the resulting file. This process literally takes seconds!

Document Imaging

Making images out of official documents seems to be a complicated task, but not so if you make use of DocuFreezer! Only a couple of mouse clicks, and the documents will be converted to images saved as JPG, PNG, or TIFF files.

Making Word and Excel documents device independent

For making Word documents more appropriate for any device, convert Word to PDF with DocuFreezer. PDF makes a digital copy of the word document saving all the contents and protecting the document from any changes.

Create images out of documents to be uploaded to the website

DocuFreezer can save the documents as PNG or JPG files thus creating images out of documents. The quality of the image file will be appropriate for the website; the file size will be small enough, and the accuracy in document representation will be pretty high.

JPG format ensuring accurate representation of any documentation

DocuFreezer will help you save the documents as JPG files with just a few clicks. The software ensures flawless file conversion and high quality resulting files.

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